What goes into the 1925


Crafted by the lead bootmakers at Nicks

All of the boots under the Brandle name are made only by the most experienced boot makers at Nicks, ensuring the best craftsmanship goes into every pair.


One Boot per Hide

Every pair of boots made under the Brandle name utilizes one whole hide for each pair of boots. This ensures the best quality of leather for every single pair.


Fully Lined

The 1925 is fully lined with a soft calfskin leather providing a softer feel and more comfort throughout the day.


More time on the last

The boots spend more time in the lasting process, allowing the boots to better take the form of the last and reducing wrinkles.


JR Leather

Built with leather from the world renowned JR Leather Company. Not just the outsoles, but the insoles, midsoles, heels, and leather toe puffs, and outsoles are all sourced from Germany with the JR brand.


Tighter SPI

With a single row stitchdown and close to twice the amount of stitches per inch, the 1925 provides a cleaner profile around the welt


Cleaner Finishing

The 1925 goes through multiple extra steps in the finishing stages, creating a cleaner overall finished product and a higher shine out of the box.